Saturday, July 11, 2009

Test Post

I am testing out my new ASCIIMathML script, so I can type LaTeX in blogger.

Note that to correctly view this page requires Internet Explorer 6 + MathPlayer or Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape (with MathML fonts). So the equations won't work in a feed reader.

$A(\cdot)=\int\,$VAR$\left[\mu\right]^{-\frac{1}{3}}\, d\mu$

Well it appears to work pretty well, except the \text{} tag doesn't work. Hmm, though it should.

This works.
` text(TEXT) `

This doesn't work.

You can get the ASCIIMathML script here and follow these directions to add a javascript widget.

Another possible solution for typing equations in Blogger relies on typing LaTeX equations into a remote site. This didn't really appeal to me, as I don't foresee needing any overly complicated mathematical formulae, though it seems like a perfectly workable solution. You can read about it here
[Edit: I might switch to this approach, since the equations don't display if you don't have the above mentioned requirements or are in a feed reader.]

Hat tip to Please Make a Note for the pointers.

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